The FEP difference

A holistic approach to education and learning

We design our qualifications, courses and CPD to help our participants receive current, relevant and accurate learning about financial markets and products in contemporary practice.

We work with our customers and practitioners to give our participants technical knowledge and business skills to excel and deliver brilliantly.

What differentiates us is that we seek to contextualise our learning; it is practice-based and focuses on how individual proficiency boosts organisational capability.

With both technical and cultural outcomes in mind, we construct our learning to provide the financial services industry with professionals who embody the highest standards of:

  • Technical proficiency
  • Principled leadership
  • Foresight to plan for change
  • Willingness to connect with and mentor peers.

Service excellence

Though FEP training is primarily delivered online, we maintain our human, personal touch.

Our people are informed, helpful and responsive.

We support our students throughout their study – whenever a student or client calls us, they speak with a real person who helps them in real time.

If students have an issue, we follow through to ensure they’re satisfied with the results of our actions.

Our team is committed and agile, and we have the knowledge, flexibility and can-do attitude that delights our clients.

Integrity and transparency

We’re completely open with our course descriptions and the prices we charge. We even publish our course prices on our website – you don’t have to call to know what the price of your training might be.

We will never consciously enrol someone in a course without determining first that it’s the right one for them.

If we suspect a course is not the most appropriate for their requirements, we’ll suggest they don’t do it.

Sometimes we’ll even send them to an alternative provider, just to ensure they get what they genuinely need, or to a professional association that can independently help with their decision-making.

Constant refinement

Like all organisations we recognise that we can do better and aim to improve our standards and procedures.

Our mission goes further than that. We assist our customers to become fit and proper professionals who are ready to adapt to whatever comes their way, now and in the future.

We have the ability, agility and flexibility to act expertly and quickly.