Studying at FEP

FEP offers financial services training in the form of online courses and live workshops.
It’s easy to enrol, and we provide all the learning materials, assessments and support you’ll need.

Study Guide Tips

Student Handbook

  • Online courses

    Most of our students work full-time in the financial services industry and enjoy the convenience and flexibility that online study provides.

    With an online course through FEP’s state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS), students have 24-hour, 7-day-a-week access to their course materials and assessments.

    With online learning, students can begin their program as soon as they like, without having to wait for a course ‘start date’, and can study whenever, and wherever, they want to.

    They can also choose the most convenient time to undertake assessments, which are marked immediately on completion.

    Whenever a student completes a certification with FEP online, they and their employer know it has involved a rigorous development process that can be trusted. The student will have mastered the knowledge and skills they require for genuine compliance.

  • Workshops

    Selected FEP courses are delivered as face-to-face workshops.

    This is the preferred method of learning for some students, as it provides access to an industry expert who can engage students, bring the subject to life, pass on first-hand information and answer all sorts of questions in real time.

    Workshops also involve small groups, so students get lots of personal attention.

  • Getting started

    Enrolling with FEP is easy.

    You can enrol online, at any time, through this website. Just click the ‘Enrol now’ button on the page of your preferred course.

    After you’ve registered your enrolment, it is activated within 24 hours. You then receive an email that includes your username, password and a link to the LMS home page, where you can log in, enabling you to access the learning materials for your course.

    Should you be required to have a unique student identifier (USI), there’s also a facility within our LMS that enables you to apply for and verify this.

  • Learning materials and assessments

    Each FEP course comprises a range of written materials and activities.

    The academic rigour and integrity of our assessments is also second to none.

    For example, our RG146 courses include exams and practice exams created through a random selection of questions from a larger-than-required question bank. Where an exam may have 40 questions, in most cases it will have been created from a bank of over 80.

    This means each student has a different exam on each attempt. It also means students cannot cheat or copy from each other, even if they’re in the same room together and can see each other’s screens.

    If a student fails an exam, they can immediately review the questions answered incorrectly and see the gaps in their knowledge. They can then go back to the relevant course materials before a second attempt.

  • Student support

    FEP supports students throughout their course.

    There’s always someone available at FEP, on +61 2 9233 2000, during AEST office hours (9:00am-5:30pm) to answer questions.

    Students can also email queries to