Kate Whiteley


Kate’s interest in financial education was first ignited at Canberra’s Australian National University, where she studied a double degree in Arts and Economics. Kate readily admits that she originally enrolled in economics so she “felt like she was actually going to university and building a career”, while the arts were her real passion. That perspective changed as she gained experience with economics and became a tutor for several classes. She completed her degrees and immediately went in search of a job in financial education.

Commencing her career in 2000 at the Securities Institute of Australia, Kate knew she had found her tribe. Over the next 12 years, Kate explored the various aspects of financial education, holding roles with Finsia and Kaplan. During this time, Kate recognised the sector was in a state of transition, and she began looking for ways to improve outcomes for customers by increasing education and professional standards.

She brought this vision to Financial Education Professionals in March 2014, joining the team as Operations Manager, before taking on the role of CEO in July 2015.

Kate believes that the sign of a great leader is not in how many followers they have, but in how many leaders they have created.

Her own leadership style is about empowerment; she views herself more as a coach than as a manager. Her favourite workplace tool is a blank whiteboard and a marker ready to capture the next big idea.

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