Kylie Ashton

Head of Marketing

Having always embraced variety and creative thinking, Kylie Ashton is a natural fit for the everchanging world of financial services education. As Head of Marketing, her role manages lots of moving parts, including strategy, brand, advertising, digital and communications.

It is within this dynamic environment that Kylie thrives, constantly pivoting to adjust to the changing needs of the customer.

Beginning her career at the Securities Institute of Australia in 2000, Kylie’s passion for marketing was embraced and nurtured, leading her to take on new challenges with organisations including Teacher’s Mutual Bank and ANZ Bank. Throughout these roles, Kylie’s strong teamworking abilities came to the fore, and she loves having the opportunity to innovate and create with her peers.

Kylie herself is a great advertisement for embracing lifelong learning, holding a Bachelor of Education (Macquarie University), Diploma in Financial Markets (SIA) and Graduate Certificate in Marketing (UTS), and most recently completing a Mini-MBA in Marketing and Brand Management.

As she notes, the world of marketing doesn’t stand still, so you have to continually ensure your knowledge is up to date.

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