Activist Short Selling

Activist short selling is an extension of short selling of securities. It is short selling, with a “nudge”, whereby the objective of the nudge is to have the price of the company that is shorted to fall and to fall sooner than it otherwise might.

But why nudge? Generally, activist short sellers lack the financial resources to drive the price of the overvalued security to fair value. Furthermore, the difficulties often experienced in borrowing sufficient securities to affect a price change by other short sellers restricts the ability of additional participants “joining the party” and also shorting the security .

The activist short selling model has evolved. No longer is it purely just a single firm that researches the market to find an overpriced stock to then write a short report about before short selling the stock and publishing the short report. Today, there are specialist participants at each step of the process.

Program Content

Learning Outcomes

What you will learn

  • How to evaluate the role of short selling in an efficient market
  • The history of short selling
  • To devise examples of short sale transactions
  • How short selling is regulated in Australia.

Who is this course for?

Units of Competency


Recognition of Prior Learning


You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. It will be available online for you to download and print immediately.

ASIC-supervised licensees: RG146 Securities OR RG146 Managed Investment

FASEA-supervised licensees: Technical competence

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