FNSSS00013 Business Ethics and Conduct Skill Set

Our FNSSS00013 Business Ethics and Conduct Course provides foundation knowledge on ethical frameworks and decision making and includes case studies contexutalised to financial services workplaces.

  • Explore how ethical dilemmas arise and the principles and tools you can use to develop your ethical decision making.
  • Understand the linkages between Australian financial services legislation, regulatory guides, industry codes, organisational policies and company values and how they aim to influence conduct in the workplace

Our Business Ethics and Conduct Course comprises three (3) core topics plus three (3) case studies plus (1) journal of industry readings.

  • The case studies are examples of real-life ethical dilemmas faced by financial workplaces, and provide an opportunity to identify, analyse, reflect on and, ultimately, mitigate conduct risk from occurring in your own organisation.
  • The journal of industry readings provides an opportunity to reflect on a variety of industry readings and to discuss different perspectives, reinforce or challenge current thinking, modify attitudes and conduct, or prompt reviews of workplace policies.

Program Content

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe ethical standards, principles and the legal framework
  • Discuss and analyse drivers of ethical behaviour, including culture, rewards, punishments and law
  • Evaluate why ethics and an ethical approach are crucial in financial services
  • Outline ethical decision-making processes and frameworks that can be applied at workplace
  • Identify organisational policies and procedures for managing ethical issues
  • Summarise common breaches of ethical standards in financial services, including the attitudes, behaviours and activities that give rise to them

What you will learn

Who is this course for?

Units of Competency

  • FNSINC503 Identify situations requiring complex ethical decision making
  • FNSINC504 Apply ethical frameworks and principles to make and act upon decisions


Recognition of Prior Learning


You will be awarded a Statement of Attainment confirming that you have successfully completed FNSSS00013 Business Ethics and Conduct Skill Set.

Be confident to model ethical behaviour in the workplace

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Parallels real workplace experience.

We have been using FEP for a number of years now. The course materials are highly professional and parallels real workplace experience. Staff greatly value participating in meaningful external training and are the greatest advocates.

Efficient, informative and accessible.

The content is well set out, clear and precise. My organisation does the course every year and we are continuing to learn new and interesting things with each new offering. The content is up to date with the industry and completely relevant to my role. I had all the support and learning resources available to get it done…

Extremely relevant and meaningful.

Our firm exclusively uses the services of Financial Education Professionals for all of our ongoing RG146, compliance and responsible manager training for our team. We find course materials extremely relevant and meaningful and this allows our team to have up to date, practical knowledge.

Peter McGuire, CEO, XM