Understanding Financial Markets

Financial Markets Fundamentals

Our Understanding Financial Markets Course offers key information about various participants, main financial markets and products, and applicable laws and regulations – comprehensive material your organisation can use to establish common foundation knowledge across selected teams or the wider business.

Australia boasts some of the most active and well-connected financial markets in the world, with round-the-clock trade domestically and globally.

Who is Understanding Financial Markets for?

Our online course provides foundation knowledge for new starters or refresher training for the whole team, including support staff.

Program Content

  • Financial market fundamentals
  • Participants in the financial services industry
  • Understanding securities
  • Understanding derivatives
  • Banking, lending, insurance and super
  • Fundamentals of managed funds
  • Taxation of securities and managed investments, including crypto
  • Licensing and regulation of financial services
  • Application of cross-industry laws in financial services

Learning Outcomes

  • What primary economic concepts are relevant to financial markets?
  • Who are the main participants in financial markets?
  • How are securities, derivatives and managed funds priced and traded?
  • How does banking, lending, insurance and superannuation relate to financial markets?
  • How are income and profits from financial markets activities taxed?
  • What licensing and regulatory requirements govern financial markets?

What you will learn

Who is this course for?

  • Participants new to financial markets operations.
  • Financial markets refresher training for whole of organisation professional development programs, including support staff.

Units of Competency


Recognition of Prior Learning


On successful completion, candidates will be awarded a Certificate of Attainment confirming they have successfully demonstrated knowledge of Understanding Financial Markets.

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