Annual CPD for Financial Advisers


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We’ve captured market input, met regulator’s requirements and developed cpdevolve – RG 146 Adviser CPD.

  • cpdevolve – provides licensees with the complete solution to satisfy RG 146 ongoing training requirements.
  • Each CPD short-course has specific learning outcomes and extra resources to extend your learning; earning 3 CPD points on completion.
  • FEP Online is an easy to use management and reporting system, enabling you to track your points to target.
  • A dynamic library of CPD short-courses is accessible anywhere, anytime with rolling completion time periods.

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Our latest topic

We host an extensive library of engaging and informative CPD short courses in each RG 146 specialist knowledge area. Our latest topic in the Regulation specialist knowledge area is Understanding general vs personal advice.

Understanding general vs personal advice

“Facilitating access for clients to high quality information and advice about all financial products is not only a regulatory requirement but also a cornerstone of an effectively operating financial services business.

A key element is ensuring that all advisers and other business representatives know and practice the differences between information and general and personal advice. They must also understand and adhere to disclosure requirements for retail versus wholesale clients.

It’s all part of being a fit and proper financial services professional who delivers the best outcomes for clients, now and into the future.”

Training Plans

We have developed specific CPD training plans reflecting common adviser authorisations. Each training plan contains short courses on generic knowledge, regulation and specialist knowledge areas. Our online platform has comprehensive tracking and reporting on CPD and tax points, including monitoring individual and group progress to targets.

Our cpdevolve training plans include:

Where applicable, our CPD short courses are accredited for CPD points/hours by the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and provide TPB CPE hours

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