Custody and Operations

The Custody Program

Are you looking for a qualification and career path in custodial services?

We developed the program to address the education and training needs of those working in custodial services and to provide a career path.

Custody is an integral part of the investment industry and plays a critical role in administering and safekeeping funds. Traditionally, custody was the holding and safeguarding of financial assets for third parties.

However, as financial markets became more sophisticated, custody has developed. It is no longer characterised by physical safekeeping (of financial assets) but by a range of information and banking services.

Today the primary work of the custodian is about managing information – information about the investors’ financial assets and the rights attached to those financial assets. Many financial assets are not physical assets or listed securities. The range of financial assets includes domestic and foreign assets as well as unlisted securities and alternative investments.

The Program ensures that you have a sound foundation in the financial services industry and covers the whole scope of custody.

The Program comprises one qualification:

  • FNS41115 Certificate IV in Financial Markets Operations

The FNS41115 CERTIFICATE IV IN FINANCIAL MARKETS OPERATIONS is currently being reviewed as part of periodic evaluation of the Financial Services Training Package.

We will continue to deliver the current course until at least 31 December 2020.

We will announce if and how our custody and operations qualifications have been impacted once the new version of the Financial Services Training Package has been approved and published later this year.

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FNS41115 Certificate IV in Financial Markets Operations

Award of the FNS41115 Certificate IV in Financial Markets Operations requires participants to successfully complete both of the following two mandatory courses:

  • Nationally recognised trainingIntroduction to Financial Markets
  • Introduction to Custody.

These courses can be studied on a stand-alone basis for knowledge if a qualification is not required.

The courses are delivered online but can be delivered in-house for groups of 10 or more.

We offer the following courses