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About our Digital Transformation in Financial Services course

As if our industry doesn’t have enough initialisms and jargony concepts already! And now there are more impacts from the confluence of trends in automation, data exchange, consumer electronics, and financial product and service development – Industry 4.0, smart cities, AR, VR, IoT, AI, ML, Big Data and blockchain.

Having so many digital technologies emerge at the same time is reshaping how things are made and how we live and work. It is also likely to change the way we communicate with our customers.  It’s an operating environment not without its challenges, but it also brings the promise of new possibilities being conceived and fulfilled. Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version of what you need to know.

Course content

  • Discuss the Fourth Industrial Revolution and what elements of it are relevant to financial services
  • Outline how fintech solutions are influencing the delivery of financial products and services
  • Describe common applications of fintech currently in market or advanced in their development
  • List the measures regulators are undertaking to facilitate continuing innovation in fintech
  • Explain what is meant by a ‘robo-adviser’
  • Analyse some of the regulatory, cultural and organisational challenges limiting wider adoption of fintech solutions.

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