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CPD points/hours3
AssessmentMultiple-choice exam
Course fee$195

Current trends and innovation in FX and payments

Explore how evolving infrastructure and consumer behaviour are influencing product and service development in foreign exchange markets and payments systems…read more

Digital transformation in financial services

The Fourth Industrial Revolution means that, like many other industries, financial services is being shocked by digital transformation concepts such as cloud computing, cognitive computing, Internet of Things, and Smart Cities. We explore the Australian government’s contribution to Industry 4…read more

Cyber Security

While cyber attacks occur in every sector of the economy, there is particular emphasis and focus on the financial sector, because the risks are higher. As new technologies emerge, Australian businesses face a range of cyber risks, both external threats & internal vulnerabilities that continue to evolve…read more

Reform in the OTC Derivatives Markets

This course examines how measures to improve transparency, mitigate systemic risk & protect against market abuse have been implemented in OTC derivatives markets in Australia & other major financial centres. Much of the activity from regulators around the world aims to both monitor…read more

The FX Global Code

This module examines the key scandals that have led to the creation of the FX Global Code which was released in May 2017. It reviews some of the key aspects of the Code to understand what areas are of particular concern to regulators and market participants alike and how changes…read more

The short on short selling

In this course we take a high level look at short selling, look at what short selling is, who does it & why, and the extent of its use in Australia’s financial markets. We consider some of the positive and negatives of short selling for investors as well as for the companies they take short positions in…read more

High frequency trading

Mention ‘high frequency trading’ to a share market investor and watch their reaction. More than likely you will receive a very passionate response. This course takes a high level look at HFT. We look at what it is, who is doing it, the size of HFT in the Australian market and ASIC’s regulatory…read more

Investing in equity crowdfunding

Capital raising officially has a new mechanism. Welcome crowd-sourced equity funding. Unlisted public companies that meet legislated criteria can now use ASIC-regulated platforms to offer ordinary shares in exchange for investor capital. Here’s what you and you clients need to know….read more

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