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Continuing Professional Development – cpdevolve

cpdevolve provides financial participants and organisations with the complete online solution to satisfy RG 146 ongoing training requirements:

CPD you will want to do.


  • relevant course content to ensure learners are abreast of key industry developments and regulatory changes
  • engaging and on point content with activities, spotlights and links to additional learning materials for those who want further in-depth subject information
    guidance to develop subject research skills
  • where applicable, our CPD short courses are accredited for CPD points/hours by the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and provide TPB CPE hours
  • Our CPD short-courses provide genuine learning opportunities, including insights and strategies that are immediately applicable in the real world.
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 Navigating the CPD frontier

There is a new CPD Sheriff in town for advice licensees. So, what are the new rules? And how do we transition?

Submissions to FASEA’s Consultation Paper 6: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) closed on 31 August 2018. On Friday night FASEA released its Standards Summary which included revised guidance on CPD.

Whilst this is not yet in stone, there are things that advice licensees can do to prepare for the new regime, including understanding what is proposed.

cpdevolve | Continuing Professional Development

CPD short courses

We offer a select number of CPD short courses to study as an individual modules. You can choose to complete a short course individually or as part of our RG 146 annual cpdevolve.

Each CPD short course is offered by self study via our learning portal, FEP Online, providing you with online learning resources, support and assessment. On successful completion your CPD points will be recorded on your Record of Learning, which can be accessed and printed at anytime.

Who should do cpdevolve?

  • Financial participants who offer advisory services are required to maintain and update the knowledge and skills that are appropriate for their activities through continuing training.
  • Those wishing to educate and upskill their financial markets knowledge.

Why do I need CPD?

ASIC requires that licensees implement policies and procedures to ensure that they and their advisers undertake continuing training to maintain and update the knowledge and skills that are appropriate for their activities.

Did you know?

FASEA is proposing that advisers be responsible for maintaining a continuous accurate record of their CPD activities, which must be provided to the licensee in order to maintain compliance with the CPD year requirement.

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How is my CPD activity recorded?

Our online learning platform enables the management, recording and reporting of CPD obligations.

Maintaining and recording your CPD
  • Targets can be preset and predetermined by an organisations authorisations
  • Managers can access detailed reports and monitor the status of individual and team progress throughout the year.
  • CPD target tracking: The online learning platform dashboard tracks an adviser’s progress and training hours for each knowledge area + tax points.
  • External CPD: You can add all external CPD training such as face-to-face workshops, internal training programs, webinars and conferences.

CPD Training Plans

Simply choose an individual topic or a complete training plan according to your RG 146 authorisations. The Adviser CPD training plan provides access to the complete cpdevolve catalogue and suits financial planners and financial markets participants who offer advisory services (total 65 CPD points). We have developed specialist CPD training plans for specific RG 146 specialist knowledge areas.
We can also customise a CPD solution for your organisation.

Our cpdevolve training plans include:

Frequently asked questions

What is cpdevolve?
cpdevolve provides licencees and/or advisers with the complete solution (content/systems/delivery) to satisfy ASIC’s RG 146 ongoing training requirements. Providing cpd for financial advisers, financial planners, financial market participants, accountants and tax practitioners.

The FEP way
Our aim is to enhance technical knowledge and business skills for learners to excel and deliver in their role brilliantly. Our learning is contextualised; it is practice-based and focuses on how individual proficiency boosts organisational capability. We have a wealth of in-house educational expertise supported by the unrivalled skills of our financial services practitioner network.

How do I manage my team of advisers training requirements?
FEP Online is a complete management tool to allow managers access to detailed reports. Managers can monitor the status of individual and teams’ progress throughout the year.

Accurate record keeping of a team’s training is provided by easy navigable learning management system, FEP Online. External training can be added.

Can I customise a training plan to meet my organisation compliance requirements?
Absolutely. Consider Financial Education Professionals as your training partner. Call 02 9233 2000 to start a conversation.

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cpdevolve | cpd for financial professionals

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