FNS51220 Diploma of Insurance Broking

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A year from now, you will wish you had started today…

Our FNS51220 Diploma of Insurance Broking has been specifically designed to provide relevant industry knowledge and skills for a successful career in insurance broking.

Get comprehensive learning on all your broking essentials, including licensing and regulation, the make-up of the insurance industry, insurance products and services, the insurance broking process, operating a compliant and ethical practice, effective marketing skills, and handling clients with complex needs.

Suitable for financial services professionals who want to become an insurance broker in the general insurance sector, including;

  • Insurance brokers upskilling or updating current credentials
  • Industry professionals expanding or transitioning into insurance broking
  • New entrants seeking to pursue a career in the general insurance sector

Nationally recognised training

You will learn to

  • Discuss how financial services is regulated and licensed in Australia
  • Explain how laws, regulation, industry codes, and organisational policies guide insurance professionals’ conduct
  • Plan and implement strategies to manage compliance risks and maintain professional competence
  • Provide compliant and appropriate advice to customers in Tier 1 general insurance
  • Demonstrate ethical decision-making while delivering insurance products and services to customers
  • Use product knowledge and advanced selling skills to market and distribute insurance products and services


Our program includes

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