RG105 Responsible Manager Nomination: Option 3 relevant short course

Are you being nominated as a Responsible Manager under your AFSL? Do you have a relevant university degree and three years relevant experience?

Responsible Manager Nomination Option 3 is suitable for nominated Responsible Managers who hold a university degree in a relevant discipline (e.g. economics, commerce, business, accounting or equivalent). In some cases ASIC may accept a degree in some other technical discipline (e.g. a degree in geology if the nominated Responsible Manager’s role relates to giving financial product advice about resource equities). In addition you must have three years relevant experience.

Those who meet the above requirements then complete a short industry course relevant to the industry or financial product to which their role relates.

ASIC accepts short industry courses listed on the ASIC Training Register for RG146 purposes. You can choose a relevant short course from the list below:

If you operate a custodial service, we offer a specialist short course Introduction to custody

On successful completion you will receive an Academic Transcript confirming that you successfully completed a relevant short industry course. You can submit this transcript to ASIC along with the other documentation to support your nomination as a Responsible Manager under RG105 Option 3.

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