Super & SMSF CPD

The complete solution to satisfy RG 146 ongoing training requirements

Super & SMSF CPD provides ongoing RG146 training for advisers and accountants who are authorised to provide advice in Superannuation and SMSFs.

This year’s highlights include insurance inside super, personal contributions, SMSF governance, investing via unit trusts, and tips for practising values-based client engagement.

Enrolment made easy

  • Rolling timeframes means you can enrol anytime and complete your CPD within a customised 12 month period.

CPD you will want to do

  • Our CPD short-courses provide genuine learning opportunities, including insights and strategies that are immediately applicable in the real world
  • Each course is assessed by a multiple choice question online exam
  • Easy to use management and reporting system

To discuss your Super & SMSF CPD please call us on +61 2 9233 2000 or email,


cpdevolve – provides licensees with the complete solution to satisfy RG 146 ongoing training requirements. We have developed specialist CPD training plans for specific RG 146 specialist knowledge areas. We can also customise a CPD solution for your organisation.

Looking for initial RG146 compliance? Our RG 146 Super and SMSF package provides RG 146 compliance to provide personal advice in Superannuation and in SMSFs covering Generic Knowledge, Superannuation, SMSF and Skills. Or check out our complete RG 146 specialist knowledge areas.