RG146 Tier 2 Compliance Accreditation program

RG 146 Tier 2 Deposit Products & Non-Cash Payment Products is designed for corporate organisations seeking RG 146 compliance to provide general advice in the Tier 2 financial product area of Deposit products and non-cash payment products.

Including banks, product developers, solution distributors, frontline branch and call centre staff, and financial advisers.

Learning outcomes

  • Outline the common functions of money
  • Describe the concept of interest and differentiate between simple interest and compound interest
  • Discuss how Australia’s banks and the payment system are regulated to achieve a high level of consumer protection
  • Examine the features and characteristics of non-cash payment facilities that led to them being defined as financial products and therefore saw them fall under ASIC’s regulatory oversight.

Program content

  • Deposit Products and interest rates
  • Non-cash payment products
  • Legal environment – disclosure and compliance
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