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Innovative training

Innovative training

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Compliance Fundamentals

This course explains Australian Financial Services Licensing, it covers the main regulatory guides, and provides practical tools to use in your workplace.

Australian Credit Licence CPD for RMs

Our Responsible Managers CPD program focuses on all things “responsible lending” — from your organisation’s conduct obligations to compliant marketing (RG234) to the positive impact of new technologies on credit.


cpdevolve provides financial participants and organisations with the complete online solution to satisfy RG 146 ongoing training requirements.

Navigating the CPD frontier

There is a new CPD Sheriff in town for advice licensees. So, what are the new rules? And how do we transition?


RG 146 Compliance

Our RG146 training offers a modular approach, allowing you to study and complete one specialist knowledge area at a time.

Responsible Managers

New course available January 2019. The 2019 AFSL RM CPD program is all about the contribution responsible managers make in steering the culture and conduct of their organisation.

A leading provider of financial compliance training, FEP is a Registered Training Organisation (90725) and an ASIC authorised assessor for the purposes of RG 146 & RG 105.