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Innovative training

Innovative training

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Compliance Fundamentals

This course explains Australian Financial Services Licensing, it covers the main regulatory guides, and provides practical tools to use in your workplace.

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Get your ticks on route RG206.66

Are you really complying with ASIC’s RG206 CPD obligations?  It’s more prescriptive than you may think…

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cpdevolve provides financial participants and organisations with the complete online solution to satisfy RG 146 ongoing training requirements.

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Navigating the CPD frontier

There is a new CPD Sheriff in town for advice licensees. So, what are the new rules? And how do we transition?

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RG 146 Compliance

Our RG146 training offers a modular approach, allowing you to study and complete one specialist knowledge area at a time.

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Responsible Managers

Our AFSL CPD for Responsible Managers online course is directly relevant to the role of the responsible manager covering their primary responsibilities and emerging issues.

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A leading provider of financial compliance training, FEP is a Registered Training Organisation (90725) and an ASIC authorised assessor for the purposes of RG 146 & RG 105.