Tier 2 RG146 General Insurance General Advice

Tier 2 General Insurance gives you fundamental knowledge of general insurance in Australia.

You will learn about how insurance works, the key players in the market, the features and characteristics of insurance products, and the legal environment it operates in. It is designed for organisations and employees who sell general, personal and business insurance products as defined in RG 146. Tier 2 General Insurance does not include Personal Sickness and Accident.

Personal Sickness and Accident are included in Tier 1 General Insurance.

Program Content

  • Financial Services regulation and licensing
  • Specialist general insurance knowledge
  • Application of cross-industry laws in financial services
  • Providing financial product information

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the key participants, Tier 2 products, and activities that comprise insurance markets
  • Describe the types of risks that insurance is designed to protect against
  • Discuss the conduct and disclosure requirements prescribed in legislation and regulation that apply to the insurance industry
  • Evaluate best practice principles for providing general advice to clients

What you will learn

Who is this course for?

  • Organisations and employees who sell general, personal and business insurance products as defined in RG 146.

Units of Competency

  • FNSASIC314 Provide Tier 2 general advice in general insurance


You must be employed by an insurance company or working in the industry in order to successfully complete the short answer case study assignment. It contains questions directly relevant to customer service, selling and advice roles.

Recognition of Prior Learning


On successful completion of Tier 2 RG146 General Insurance – General Advice, participants will be awarded a Statement of Attainment confirming that they are RG146 compliant to provide general advice in RG146 General Insurance at Tier 2 level.

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Parallels real workplace experience.

We have been using FEP for a number of years now. The course materials are highly professional and parallels real workplace experience. Staff greatly value participating in meaningful external training and are the greatest advocates.

Efficient, informative and accessible.

The content is well set out, clear and precise. My organisation does the course every year and we are continuing to learn new and interesting things with each new offering. The content is up to date with the industry and completely relevant to my role. I had all the support and learning resources available to get it done…

Extremely relevant and meaningful.

Our firm exclusively uses the services of Financial Education Professionals for all of our ongoing RG146, compliance and responsible manager training for our team. We find course materials extremely relevant and meaningful and this allows our team to have up to date, practical knowledge.

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