Tier 2 RG146 Continuing Professional Development

RG146 Tier 2 knowledge refresher

Keeping representatives’ knowledge up to date is a key requirement of RG 146 licensing obligations. Increasingly, CPD is being outsourced to mitigate the compliance risk.

Our Tier 2 CPD knowledge refresher is a practical and easy solution keeping representatives RG146 knowledge up to date in the financial product areas of:

  • Tier 2 RG146 General Insurance or
  • Tier 2 RG146 Deposit Products and Non-Cash Payment Products

What is the Tier 2 knowledge refresher?

Our Tier 2 refresher works by assessing a learner’s knowledge with a series of self-tests for each topic. Each self-test consists of 5 multiple choice questions (MCQs) and you require 100% to pass.

Learners either:

  • successfully progress through each topic with a self-test, or
  • If 100% is not achieved on the self-test, learners are required to review the topic materials and complete and exam consisting of 10 MCQs.

Our General Insurance knowledge refresher comprises 4 topics:

  • Financial Services regulation and licensing
  • Specialist general insurance knowledge
  • Application of cross-industry laws in financial services
  • Providing financial product information

Our Deposit Products and non-cash payment products refresher comprises 3 topics:

  • Financial Services Regulation and Licencing
  • Overview of Deposit Products and Non-Cash Payment Products
  • Application of cross-industry laws in financial services

Program Content

Learning Outcomes

What you will learn

Who is this course for?

  • Banks
  • Frontline branch and call centre staff
  • Fintechs
  • Payments and funds transfer facility providers
  • Financial advisers who advise on deposit products
  • Organisations and employees who sell general, personal and business insurance products as defined in RG 146
  • New starters with existing RG 146 compliance to demonstrate their knowledge

Units of Competency


Recognition of Prior Learning


Upon completion a Certificate of Attainment awarding 2 CPD points is provided.

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