RG146 Superannuation

Course Overview

Our Tier 1 RG 146 Superannuation Course is designed for individuals who require RG146 compliance to provide general advice on regulated Superannuation products.

Understand Australia’s superannuation system, regulation & policy, member contributions, insurance, and transition to retirement products.

To be RG146 compliant to provide general advice in Tier 1 Superannuation, you must also successfully complete Generic Knowledge.

Program Content

  • Overview of Australia’s superannuation system
  • Contributing to, investing, and withdrawing superannuation
  • Governing and administering APRA-regulated superannuation funds
  • Taxation, social security and insurance

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the history of the Australian superannuation system
  • Describe how Australia’s superannuation industry operates and the roles played by its various participants
  • Demonstrate how funds can be contributed to, invested, and withdrawn from superannuation in line with applicable laws and regulatory guidance
  • Explain how superannuation is governed, including the oversight exercised by superannuation trustees, ASIC and APRA
  • Examine the implications of taxation, social security and insurance rules on the administration of superannuation funds.

What you will learn

Who is this course for?

  • It is designed for both representatives of the superannuation industry and existing RG146 compliant advisers seeking to extend their advisory range into Superannuation including:
  • Super funds
  • Super fund administrators
  • Master funds and investment managers
  • Custodial services
  • Other support services, e.g. client support representatives (call centres)
  • Private Wealth advisers

Units of Competency


Recognition of Prior Learning


Participants will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

On successful completion of Generic Knowledge and Superannuation, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attainment confirming that they are RG 146 compliant to provide general advice in Superannuation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Tier 1 RG146 compliance programs
  • are entirely online - start anytime, anywhere
  • each have one (1) multiple choice assessment of forty (40) questions
  • exam has an 80% pass mark and you will have 3 attempts
  • study time all depends on your current knowledge and experience however we estimate 20 hours
  • are self-paced with online learning resources & on-going support
  • have up to 12 weeks to complete the learning and assessment requirements - however experienced professionals can complete in less time.
Under their Australian financial services licensing obligations, some firms are required to meet additional standards if any representatives give advice to retail clients (RG146). To assist AFS Licensees, we follow the syllabus prescribed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) for each Tier 1 and Tier 2 specialist knowledge area. We are a Registered Training Organisation and an ASIC Authorised Assessor, so you can be assured that each RG146 course covers all the elements ASIC has specified advisers should learn. (RG 146.87).
Our RG146 Programs are self-paced with online learning resources & on-going support.
  • You have up to 12 weeks to complete the learning and assessment requirements for your Tier 1 RG146 Course.
  • You have up to 8 weeks to complete the learning and assessment requirements for your Tier 2 RG146 Course.
  • Experienced professionals can complete in less time.
  • An additional 4 weeks per course is available upon request. (We do not charge a fee for extension requests.)
  • The assessment is online, open-book and does not need to be supervised.
  • If you are unsuccessful, you can request up to 3 attempts.
  • A practice assessment is available to you.
Our courses, CPD and qualifications are 100% online, so you can start anytime, anywhere.
You can enrol your team, either
  • Online. Find the right course and make an online purchase or
  • Contact Us. The FEP Team can easily arrange your team's training.
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What others say about us

Parallels real workplace experience.

We have been using FEP for a number of years now. The course materials are highly professional and parallels real workplace experience. Staff greatly value participating in meaningful external training and are the greatest advocates.

Efficient, informative and accessible.

The content is well set out, clear and precise. My organisation does the course every year and we are continuing to learn new and interesting things with each new offering. The content is up to date with the industry and completely relevant to my role. I had all the support and learning resources available to get it done…

Extremely relevant and meaningful.

Our firm exclusively uses the services of Financial Education Professionals for all of our ongoing RG146, compliance and responsible manager training for our team. We find course materials extremely relevant and meaningful and this allows our team to have up to date, practical knowledge.

Peter McGuire, CEO, XM