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General Insurance Courses

General Insurance Courses

RG146 General Insurance

Our General Insurance programs are designed for organisations and employees who sell general, personal and business insurance products as defined in RG 146.

Learn the fundamentals of general insurance in Australia, how insurance works, the key players in the market, the features and characteristics of insurance products, and the legal environment it operates in.

Who is RG 146 General Insurance for?

RG 146 continues to apply to people who provide:

  • general advice and
  • personal advice on basic banking products, general insurance and/or consumer credit insurance

RG 146 refers to ‘Tier 1 products’ and ‘Tier 2 products’. As a result of the professional standards reforms, ASIC considers, in general, that:

  • Tier 1 products are relevant financial products, and
  • Tier 2 products are financial products that are not relevant financial products (i.e. basic banking products, general insurance products and/or consumer credit insurance, and time-sharing schemes).

Refer to RG 146 Licensing: Training of financial product advisers

Comply with Tier 2 RG 146 General Insurance

Tier 2 General Insurance delves into;

  • Financial Services regulation and licensing
  • Specialist general insurance knowledge
  • Cross-industry laws in financial services
  • Financial product information
Tier 2 General Insurance

Comply with Tier 1 RG 146 General Insurance

Our online course describes the knowledge and skills required to analyse client needs and to deal ethically and professionally in Tier 1 regulated general, personal and business insurance products, including personal sickness and accident insurance.

To be RG146 compliant to provide general advice in Tier 1 General Insurance, you must also successfully complete Generic Knowledge.

Tier 1 General Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is General Insurance?2022-10-11T15:48:02+11:00

There are three types of general insurance:

  • property insurance
  • liability insurance, and
  • sickness and accident insurance.

Personal sickness and accident policies are offered by general insurance companies but are more complex than other types of policies offered by general insurance companies. This is underscored by Corporations law’s and ASIC’s RG 146 regulatory guidance that personal sickness and accident insurance should be treated as a Tier 1, requiring a high level of training (Diploma equivalent).

All other forms of general insurance are designated Tier 2, requiring lower level training.

What is the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 General Insurance?2023-02-27T14:09:25+11:00

Most general insurance products are Tier 2. There is only Tier 1 General Insurance product – Personal Sickness and Accident Insurance.

To be fully compliant in Tier 1 General Insurance you also need to study, or to have previously studied, Generic Knowledge. Tier 2 General Insurance study includes coverage of some regulatory requirements prescribed by ASIC in RG146 but not Generic Knowledge in its entirety.

What tiers of General Insurance do each of your RG146 Insurance courses cover?2022-08-26T12:51:26+10:00

We offer:

Our Tier 1 General Insurance and Insurance Broking courses both cover Tier 2 General Insurance PLUS an additional topic on the one and only Tier 1 General Insurance product, i.e. Personal Sickness and Accident Insurance.

Tier 1 RG146 Insurance Broking includes all the content covered in Tier 1 RG146 General Insurance PLUS extra content and competencies specific to being a broker.

About our Our RG146 courses.2022-10-11T15:50:40+11:00

We offer an online, modular approach, allowing you to study and complete one RG146 specialist knowledge area at a time.

To meet relevant training standards at the Tier 1 level, you must complete both Generic Knowledge and the specialist knowledge area you intend to provide general advice in.

What are ASIC’s RG146 training standards?2022-10-11T15:51:38+11:00

ASIC’s training standards are sets of knowledge and (in some cases) skill requirements that must be satisfied by advisers before they give advice.

Knowledge and skill requirements vary depending on:

  • whether the adviser gives general or personal advice; and
  • what products the adviser gives advice on.
  • Some products are classified as being Tier 1, while others are Tier 2

The knowledge requirements are set out in Appendix A of RG146 and the skill requirements are set out Appendix B.

How do I enrol my team?2024-01-22T12:18:46+11:00

You can enrol your team either:

  • Easily enrol online (you can add multiple participants to your cart)
  • Contact us to arrange a quote.

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Industry leaders in CPD

The delivery method, the flexibility and the currency and relevance of content. FEP are and have always been a leader in CPD for the
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Diane Wilkinson, WiZDOM

Parallels real workplace experience.

We have been using FEP for a number of years now. The course materials are highly professional and parallels real workplace experience. Staff greatly value participating in meaningful external training and are the greatest advocates.

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The content is well set out, clear and precise. My organisation does the course every year and we are continuing to learn new and interesting things with each new offering. The content is up to date with the industry and completely relevant to my role. I had all the support and learning resources available to get it done…

Extremely relevant and meaningful.

Our firm exclusively uses the services of Financial Education Professionals for all of our ongoing RG146, compliance and responsible manager training for our team. We find course materials extremely relevant and meaningful and this allows our team to have up to date, practical knowledge.

Peter McGuire, CEO, XM

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