RG146 Compliance?

What is RG146? (Regulatory Guide 146)

Our RG 146 Compliance Programs meet ASIC’s requirements for financial product advisers or representatives needing to meet the relevant training standards.

Our programs are also an effective learning solution for financial services workplaces looking to ensure a desired level of base knowledge across selected teams or the wider organisation.

Who does RG146 compliance apply to?

RG146 continues to apply for certain groups, namely licensees and advisers who:

  • Provide general advice in Derivatives, Securities, Managed Investments, Foreign Exchange or Superannuation.
  • Provide personal advice to retail clients in Insurance Broking, General Insurance and/or in Deposit Products & Non-Cash Payment Products only.
  • Are already listed on the Financial Advisers Register and wish to add an additional RG146 specialist knowledge area to their existing credentials.
  • and Licencees whose representatives provide advice to wholesale clients. (Optional under RG146.35)

We are a Registered Training Organisation and an ASIC Authorised Assessor, so you can be assured that FEP’s courses comply  with ASIC’s requirements (RG 146.87).

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Tier 1 RG146 programs

To meet relevant training standards at the Tier 1 level, you must complete both Generic Knowledge and the specialist knowledge area you intend to provide general advice in.

Each program is offered 100% online by self study via our learning portal, FEP Online.

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Our RG146 Securities course describes the knowledge and skills required to analyse client needs and to deal ethically and professionally in securities, in compliance with industry regulations and codes of practice.

A security is a tradable financial asset. We cover shares, bank bills, commercial paper, bonds and structured products.

What you will learn

  • Operation of securities markets
  • Types of products
  • Investment, portfolio management and risk
  • Taxation of securities

Our RG146 Derivatives course describes the knowledge and skills required to analyse client needs and to deal ethically and professionally in derivatives products.

Understand derivative products and markets characteristics, including futures, options, forwards and swaps, how they are used and how they are traded.

What you will learn

  • Australia’s financial system and markets
  • Types of derivatives products
  • Managing risk with derivatives products
  • Trading with derivatives products

Our RG146 Foreign Exchange course describes the knowledge and skills required to analyse client needs and to deal ethically and professionally in foreign exchange instruments.

We unravel the FX Market, FX conventions, risk management, regulations and operational guidelines.

What you will learn

  • Overview of the foreign exchange market
  • Foreign exchange conventions
  • Risk management, regulation and operational guidelines

Our RG146 Life Insurance course is designed to give you key fundamental knowledge of the life insurance market in Australia, this course includes how life insurance works, the different products commonly used, defines what the different types of policies are and explains the process, from application through to claims.

Learn about key insurance products from term life, trauma or critical illness, TPD to income protection, and understand the process, from application through to claims

What you will learn

    • Insurance markets
    • Life insurance products
    • Life insurance underwriting, premiums and claims

Our RG146 Managed Investments course describes the knowledge and skills required to analyse client needs and to deal ethically and professionally in managed investments.

What you will learn

  • Managed investment concepts
  • Types of managed investments
  • Investment, portfolio management and risk
  • Analysing managed investments

Our RG146 Superannuation covers the knowledge and skills necessary to offer general product information related to superannuation ethically and professionally.

It is designed for both representatives of the superannuation industry and existing RG146 compliant advisers seeking to extend their advisory range into Superannuation including:

  • Super funds
  • Super fund administrators
  • Master funds and investment managers
  • Custodial services
  • Other support services, e.g. client support representatives (call centres)
  • Private Wealth advisers

What you will learn

  • Overview of Australia’s superannuation system
  • Contributing to, investing, and withdrawing superannuation
  • Governing and administering APRA-regulated superannuation funds
  • Taxation, social security and insurance

Tier 1 RG146 insurance broking

Our RG146 Insurance broking program

  • covers the core and specialist knowledge and skills an insurance broker needs
  • meets ASIC Regulatory Guide 146 (RG146) education requirements for providing general and personal advice with broking clients.

It is for new or existing brokers wanting to provide personal or general advice in general insurance products. It is also suitable for brokers seeking to update their initial general insurance compliance and extend their authorisations to insurance broking.

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Tier 1 RG146 General Insurance

Our Tier 1 General Insurance programs are designed for organisations and employees who sell general, personal and business insurance products as defined in RG 146. Importantly, they incorporate coverage of personal accident and sickness insurance.

Existing authorised representatives can also complete this course to extend their advisory range into Tier 1 general insurance products.

Our programs include:

Tier 2 RG 146

Tier 2 Accreditation program

Visit our dedicated Tier 2 accreditation program page or contact us to discuss your training requirements.

What students say about our courses

At course completion we request feedback to see how we are going. The 2020 RG146 courses received fabulous reviews.


Valued the high quality course content


Found the course was highly relevant to their current role


Are satisfied with the support services provided by FEP


Would recommend FEP to a colleague

Study in your own time and the quality of the course was excellent – Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan and Associates

Easy to access and the course is suitable for meeting AFSL requirementsBeryl Notias, Baptist Financial Services Australia Ltd

Very easy to enrol and do the courses without delay! 24 hr access its brilliant! Keep up the awesome work! David Momirovic, VDM & Thorn Pty Ltd

I enjoyed the course, and would highly recommend your company.

The team was very helpful with helping me select the correct course to suit my needs, enrolment and extending deadlines to complete“. – Ryan Simmons, Domestic & General Insurance (Australia)

Our RG146 Continuing Professional Development

ASIC requires that licensees implement policies and procedures to ensure that they and their advisers undertake continuing training to maintain and update the knowledge and skills that are appropriate for their activities.

Our RG146 CPD provides financial participants and organisations with the complete online solution to satisfy RG146 ongoing requirements.

What is the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 products?

ASIC has divided financial products into Tier 1 and Tier 2. Tier 2 products are generally simpler and better understood than Tier 1 products. Therefore are subject to lighter training standards.

Advisers on Tier 1 products are required to complete Generic Knowledge. However, ASIC does not require advisers on Tier 2 products to meet the generic knowledge requirements.

Tier 2 products don’t have an investment component where the return is subject to market fluctuations. Hence, training on the economic environment as part of generic knowledge training is less relevant to advisers on Tier 2 products.