Managing Non-financial risk

What is non-financial risk?

All organisations have a purpose or needs they contend they are meeting – their reason for being. And it’s all well and good to be on top of your role and licensing requirements, but what now?

Achieving desired outcomes usually involves a combination of inputs and challenges, some of which are external. One key element for achieving a successful business is managing non-financial risk which can pose a real threat to an organisation’s culture and reputation.

Managing Non-financial risk delves into what non-financial risk is in the context of licensing requirements and why managing it is a good thing for your organisation’s culture and reputation.

Program Content

Learning Outcomes

What you will learn

  • What organisational culture is
  • The components that comprise organisational culture
  • Influences of internal and external factors on organisational culture
  • The importance of ethics in decision making
  • Contributing factors to poor and sound organisational culture and conduct
  • Measures available to responsible managers to help shape organisational culture

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